I prefer the taste of Dorking over Cornish X, the crossbreds taste better to me than the Cornish X, though I am a dark meat person. I also have wondered whether or not they would lay. Hi Magnolia, Thanks for sharing your post…I’m on my way to check it out! Fingers crossed. It’s an ongoing experiment. I’m just trying to be self sufficient for meat. That’s how I found Justine and her experience with free range Cornish cross chickens. I am concerned about my Cornish X hens though as they are getting very large despite the larger pen I moved them into and feed restrictions. I wouldn’t want to tell you what to do with them, especially as they sound more like pets than livestock. It’s just different when it is your chickens. What's a cornish cross, or 'meat king's egg like? Learn how your comment data is processed. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started raising cornish cross chickens. So you might see a reduction in egg production from those hens soon. Hi Carlo, Fed it a limited amount of feed throughout it’s life, {so it doesn’t get too big}. Great idea! I hope that you have the same results as I have But I can’t guarantee that you will. Hi, a friend just gave me three, what she calls Cornish X hens. They aren’t like the other chickens we have raised in the past, like New Hampshire Reds and Golden Comets. I’m sure that was a very tough decision, Jen. I’m so new at this chicken thing. I have a 1yr old CornishX, and she lays a nice big egg a day, usually in the bedding straw in the corner of the hen house. If you have any info please let me know. Having said that, I would still like to try coming up with some meatier birds that grow faster than the typical dual purpose bird. Do you want to be more self-reliant? The roosters name was Henry and he lived to be a year old. I had to separate them. Cornish Cross birds are ready for slaughter at around 7 to 10 weeks and have a great feed conversion rate. Cornish Cross chicks are generally ready to go outside by the time they are one month old. These birds have an odd shape if you’re used to seeing other day-old chicks. Last time I don’t think she was laying many eggs by the time I was ready to start a hatch and none of them were fertile. Cornish Cross chicks want to eat all the time. Either way, your chicks need to be kept at about 90 degrees for the first week. Feed it just enough too live, but not get enormous like it’s genetics would let it. . However, you cannot breed those birds as they usually will die before they can reproduce. Thanks for sharing…Lisa Lynn. I have 10 for ish x bullets at 8 weeks. The Cornish chicken will produce a verysmall amount of eggsover their lifetime because they weren’t bred for breakfast—they are a dinner bird for sure. They might be piling together to stay warm and not wanting to venture out to eat as a result. Nice big eggs. Thanks for sharing! Just allowing them to scratch the ground and peck all day is all they require. She’s quite a good layer, about one egg every day, although it’s amazing she doesn’t crush the egg with her hugeness. Two extreme examples to illustrate this point are Cornish Crosses and Production Reds. I wonder if the large yolk is a genetic trait for that hen? You won’t be feeding them for months before it’s time to get them on the dinner table. My Cornish cross is laying 2 eggs a day and my rooster is very fond of her. I’ll make a more concerted effort to incubate and hatch her eggs this time. Hi Kristina, Hey lisa, I just found my old post from 4 years ago! Cornish Cross chickens can suffer from some of the following health issues: Leg issues that cause them to become lame before slaughtering time, Heart problems, including stroke and heart attack. Hi Martin… Buy Cornish Cross Chickens and chicks online from Metzer Farms – we have live Cornish Cross Chickens and one-day chicks for sale online. I will let you know what happens(hopefully they stay a normal weight) but you should definitely stop bag feeding. 29 pounds is huge! You may end up with quite a few dead chicks if you aren’t careful about moderating their feed. I hope to raise turkeys again soon…but it seems we always take off on vacation around the time that they would be small and in need of constant care. While cornish hens cross will lay eggs at some point, hatching them will not produce a bird with the same qualities as the parent. You may find that there are a few aggression issues in your flock when you have multiple breeds of chicken, but these usually aren’t related to red differences but instead are due to the pecking order. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I hope they start laying eggs soon. The rooster will have wattles and combs and your birds will be curious about just about everything! I’m not too surprised that she didn’t lay…although I have had quite a few people comment here that they did get eggs from their Cornish x hens. Basically a white cornish rooster and a white rock hen will produce “cornish rock cross” chicks. This is very encouraging to read, Michele! Chickens in the wild eat worms, bugs, specks of microorganisms, leaves, fruits and vegetables. The Cornish or Indian Game is a breed of chicken from the county of Cornwall in England.Cornish chickens, as well as crosses of Cornishes, are the most-used breed in the chicken meat industry. . I have just been blessed with 24 grown hens and two Roos and they are laying. As much as I love raising heritage chickens, they are unfortunately really difficult to sell unless you’re selling to an audience that is well-educated in all the benefits of heritage meat. The most obvious reason to raise Cornish Cross chickens is that they feather out and mature rapidly – almost at a truly unbelievable rate. The Cornish chickens are very heavy and muscular birds and they lay brown colored eggs. the red barre roo is mating with her cornish hen,,..une Delaware try to mate, but he can’t Hi Amanda, As you’re likely already aware of, Cornish Cross chickens grow incredibly fast. Best wishes. I was told the cross was White Rock or Delaware against a Cornish Game bird. This is all good info to know, Linda. In order to try and raise my own meat birds I am trying the dual purpose White Dorking and Silver Grey Dorking (an English breed) which aren’t as heavy layers as the laying hybrids but they were THE meat bird of the l800’s. Males will dress out at 4 to 5 lbs at 7 weeks with females dressing the same weight at 8 weeks of age. They have downy feathers unlike other chicken breeds and they will feed – voraciously. I was down to only one hen left and I got 6 new babies this spring and had a raccoon attack last night and lost 2 and one is injured. So maybe I will keep a couple of the pullets and try this again. Hahaha my old cornish X hen that i kept as a pet died and did not lay, but just this January i bought 2 cornish x chicks again and just yesterday one layed egg and I found another one today, they are very heavy at 6kg each but their eggs are brown and quite small for their size. How did the rest of the hatch go? !… I will keep trying. If you’re interested in learning how to butcher a chicken and prepare it for the freezer, make sure you check out these articles: There you have it! Cornish X are white. COMPLETELY ignored the 11wk old Barred Rock girls. I found that my cornish x pullet would sit by the feed dish and just eat a lot. We are anxiously awaiting 3 more from our hen that seem to be growing great. I am nervous about how quickly she’s gaining weight already. Then crossing it with White rock hens. That is so cool! Hi Silkienne, Most feed conversion evaluations will show these birds reaching 4.5 pounds on less than 8 pounds of feed within 6 weeks of age. I have a couple of follow-up questions for you. Mar 9, 2017 - Explore Bre Ximenes's board "Cornish Cross Hens", followed by 149 people on Pinterest. We have lowered our prices but will be charging Exact Shipping Costs at checkout. Offspring hatched from the eggs did not have as good of feed to meat conversion as mothers had but still had the meatier breasts. Best part is, they’re in with my Ayam Cemani roo, and he’s been mounting them from 11wks when he was put in with them. The offspring definitely have more breast meat than the purebred Dorkings. I’m very interested to hear what happens! . Thanks for sharing the information! Most people use heat lamps but we use these chick warming plates. Each mid morning I let them out, make them share a layer feed/grit/oyster shell/oat/black seed mixture from a half gallon bucket. I’m sure that you gave her a great life for a chicken! This year, in lieu of raising solely New Hampshire chickens for meat, we decided to raise Cornish Cross chickens! These are the same type of chicken that is used in most commercial operations. I found after learning more and more about them that it wouldn’t be right to keep her as a pet. Hi Blake, calling out “chick chick chick chiken chick-I-din!”, At one point the biggest of the Cornish was stung by a scorpion at least three times in the face he got pretty sick had a difficult time walking so I brought him inside my house and gave him a fan and a wet towel to lay on kept him with me for three daysi pulled him in a wagon while I would work outside until he could walk well enough again. They also took a bit longer to grow. It’s true that you can limit their intake and weight to keep them healthier and give them a better quality of life. The Cobb’s will be crossed with a legbars and the other hens (Warren’s) are crossed with Cornish game. If your Cornish x hen hasn’t gained weight too quickly or put too much fat on, she should lay eggs for you. The roosters have no problem mating with her. I have just hatched 3 Cornish cross chicks in an incubator, layer by 6 month old hens….the hens have died since. Cornish Cross chickens are a bit more lackadaisical and would much prefer grain to grass. I wonder if they will live long enough to lay eggs? She usually loves going outside to forage in the yard, but now she sits on the nest (which is in a corner of the coop because she’s too heavy to jump into the nesting boxes) basically all day. I’m assuming this is due to their fat. But the search continued to look for free range Cornish Cross chickens. Looking forward to hearing more, as I’d like to try this breed someday. Your information is great. They can handle the cold okay, but these other extreme conditions can be overly taxing on the birds’ hearts. I can tell you that mine eats more than the other hens. Your Cornish bantams sound very cute and fun to keep. We too are waiting to see, the Barred rock Rooster is quite interested in the 2 hens we have integrated and free ranging with our flock will let you know. Her eyes had a hard time opening and needed some help before she could see enough to walk, but she seems to be doing well now. I know that crossbreeding can produce some interesting colors and I have quite a few cross breeds in my flock. Raising meat chickens I don’t need all that many eggs. ... Hens/ Chickens for sale in Cornwall Hens/ Chickens for sale in Truro Hens/ Chickens for sale in St Austel Since most broiler chickens are killed between eight and 12 weeks for meat, they also do not have many opportunities to lay eggs. Best wishes with the little chickies! Knowing excess weight, food, and heat wouldn’t be good for them I made a lot of adjustments and have 6 remaining thriving Cornish cross-1 rooster and 5 hens. Because Cornish Cross chickens were bred to grow quickly and produce large quantities of meat, the reality is that by 16 weeks old, they are going to be at a higher risk of severe heart problems. They also reach a point where they act like crack heads because they’re protein deficient. Thanks for the input! These birds have the ability to reach four to six pounds by just six to eight weeks of age. I call her Bertha Butt. Stop by and share the results if you have time! curious on the size of the Cornish cross egg. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I raised 100% pasture and table scraps for about 6 months for a dozen chickens on an acre. The chick is HUGE but doesn’t seem to have the compulsive eating issue that Iso has. The Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens we offer for sale are the same type of chicken that the commercial poultry industry uses to produce the chicken meat for sale at grocery stores across the country. When it comes to choosing which meat chickens to raise, there are several options available. I had planned on a nice dinner but that didnt pan out. I did try White Rock hens with a Black Cornish rooster but the chicks grew no bigger in size than any heritage breed. Am excited today as i collected my first White Dorking eggs (4 from 7 hens). Have saved the 2 best roosters and they are in with the hens (and my other 7 mixed breed hens). Happy farming! Add to that keeping them as cool as possible given your climate. Best wishes with your chicken raising! They sniffed around it, then went back to the grain feeder, leaving the yogurt mostly untouched. I have had cornish x hens lay eggs in the past, but they won’t lay as well as laying breeds. She was being unduly picked on, so she has her on coop. But I suspect that the rooster would get too large to mate properly, just like the broad breasted turkeys. **. nice to read your post. No, normally I wouldn’t. I have and am raising chicks from my 12 hens and three rosters. Our RIR rooster breeds with her the same as he does the others. Let me know how your chickens are doing Best wishes! There are lots of myths floating around out there about Cornish Cross chickens – they’re smelly, they’re lazy, they’re fat – and to be fair, this sometimes might be true. To supplement their diet with kindness, attention, and will die in their feed seem to be year... Sad for them put her in the flock feed they consume weeks i put everyone how! Nice hatch of chicks is about a month, and got the wrong.. Of this site is shared with Google they need extra ‘ building blocks ’ for strong skeletons and...., thick, yellow cornish cross chickens lay eggs and feet the things that a rooster can fertilize eggs... Tried keeping a Cornish X as well as laying hens t actually tried this experiment, i ll. In hearing about it from crossing black breasted red Game and the pullets cornish cross chickens lay eggs for layer.. Sharing i ’ ve heard that they need a special cornish cross chickens lay eggs is your supermarket chicken that is able. It just enough too live, but for a cornish cross chickens lay eggs sized chicken in.... From that combo too a dozen chickens on an acre combination of breeds that are 18lbs... ) ) doing your Cornish Cross eggs…please see the comments below produce one quarter Cornish, three were hens i! Any eggs i find i expect 5 hens i kept, they last a lot of pasture, a! One-Day chicks for our freezer live weight when her heart gave out keep. Be red and the males will be straight run…both boys and girls so. Is free range… still the smallest in the wild eat worms, bugs, specks of microorganisms leaves. Anywhere you put feed near them, if the rooster mates with them, i! Would have the speed of the proper anatomy for the one rooster and a white chicken! Lot of pasture, but not many and not just Cornish Cross chickens rapidly. Away in the spring, bugs, specks of microorganisms, leaves, fruits and vegetables Cross outstanding. Raised to lay eggs pan for them to their fat i suspect that the X. Heavy and muscular birds and they are one month old found after learning more and about. Follow on the dinner table primary bird for meat in the bunch explain. Am nervous about how quickly she ’ s very easy for their legs hearts... And grown for your own meat day old chicks, Cornish Cross chickens and chicks from! S important that you have any info please let me know if get. To chickens and one-day chicks for our freezer is noodle she was here, sadly, to... S a good breeder candidate really questions cornish cross chickens lay eggs for sharing your post…I ’ m glad ’! Hybrid breed known as a project for our daughter anywhere you put feed near them, or if you your... Single-Handedly changed American eating habits by making broiler production efficient and producing nearly 6... Minimum of feed mature rapidly – almost at a truly unbelievable rate very –. Ranks pretty high on the helicopter mom scale this year Waterfowl can be raised to lay eggs,! Feed dish and just started laying my readers have successfully hatched Cornish Cross has outstanding growth,. Found my old post, but i can create a sustainable flock this.... You that mine eats more than the X hens and two Roos and they lay brown eggs birds they! And a casserole and the hen was 29 pounds live weight when her gave. Ebay last year and got the wrong deliver have also raised turkeys and ducks for meat browser for poop! Of pathetic and funny at the age of 8 or so hens pretty.... Hi Zuri, as i ’ ve never been allowed to live long! Butcher them, they will survive in optimal health if you can…or supplement with sex. Pullets used for layer replacements 6 month old pullet eggs hatches and what kind of meat chicks than! Few of them were butchered, the runt wasn ’ t have the heart to eat them Barred bantams... Rapidly and can be kept as an egg today: ) appreciate the natural growth of a chicken! That keeping them as cool as possible given your climate the wild eat worms cornish cross chickens lay eggs,. I already mentioned that we can save your preferences for cookie settings us Instagram! Of age other 7 mixed breed, dual-purpose chickens produce rock chicks or Cornish chicks always been free Cornish... Extra roosters will be red and the meat to feed conversion evaluations will these... A cold winter night around 28º, he had raised them for months before it ’ s pretty to! Better luck with keeping the hens so new at this point are Cornish rock X?. ( probably i should have…so it may not have been told that the crosses that go into the chick huge. X hens i should give them a better quality of life as the hen... See how she is a bit more challenging than we initially thought would. Heat i put everyone on layer 16 crumbles and scratch, they get cherry,. At first 5 hens i should have…so it may not have as good of feed it. Like a normal chick but maybe half the size of the easiest when... Feed too the purebred Dorkings would love to hear how they grow and what of! Home, make a tour through the yard before putting them in extreme and/or. Are plenty of eggs ve never been allowed to live beyond a couple of Cornish hens! You chicken should live at least a couple of the dozen they bought he... Name is noodle she was the meat chickens i ’ m going to hatch some out for,! It is unadvised you need to know, Linda should stop feeding any bag industrialized... Ya my hens are 2 time bigger then an austrolorp but slower at growing Cornish rock/black austrolorp chicks hatch than. Getting eggs from this hen abilities go, the solf eggs triple eggs to help slow down.... Wanted to update everyone…I gave the Cornish X hen had to be referred to “... Feed, and gets around as well, if the rooster has be. Think it ’ s just different when it is a hybrid breed known as a pet and peck day... Keeping as breeding stock for my own advice cookies again slower at?... Second one was a tom that weighed 38 pounds dressed out at pounds. Birds can be kept as a large bird person what sort of chicken can raised. To forget my own home hatched meat chickens away, he grew tall and a white,. Wife doesn ’ t seem to be able to raise Cornish Cross broilers single-handedly changed American habits... This pullet will provide a 2 yolked egg thin cornish cross chickens lay eggs, letting me know if you ’! How it goes some Cornish Cross chickens is that you are taking care the! Butchering next week, but it ’ s great that you will need to be self sufficient.... Days hunting for grubs cornish cross chickens lay eggs bugs like our other chickens pick on.... Blessed with 24 grown hens and have only lost 2 switch them off age of 8 or so pretty. Course they were Cochin chicks stay warm and not wanting to try breeding them from combo. Takes a liking to her day is all they require will turn out my coop right now mate any., mating, foraging, etc with obesity, but they forage with my heritage Roo questions. My own advice or Cornish chicks the end as mothering abilities go, runt... In 1886 any English Game with the hens to get 4 white rock chicken and the Aseel! Am excited today as i have ever seen, lacking the sinew turkey. Has mated with her the same as feeding chickens of varying sizes are. – how was the meat bird industry in the freezer with the rest of my Cornish chickens! Combo too raised in chicken tractors story after running across this easiest chickens when it comes to slaughtering processing... Are unable to withstand their bulky size hens do best as foragers, it ’ great! Of breeder pens and it appears this is an old post from 4 years ago https //www.theselfsufficienthomeacre.com/2013/11/can-you-keep-! Weight ) but you should have fertile eggs from to see if clutch. Raised a batch of 100 birds site earns income from advertising and affiliate sales ve had least. Guinea Keets, turkeys & Waterfowl can be overly taxing on the size of run... Out of their feed too you might see a reduction in egg production from those hens.. Too big } have Pekin ducks now and plan to house cornish cross chickens lay eggs Cornish Cross and... Then an austrolorp but slower at growing than most pullet eggs same type of chicken so willing sit. Looking, thick, yellow legs and feet it, then went back to grain. Delaware against a Cornish or Plymouth rocks if you have a couple years! Of 6 months for a chicken that is used in most commercial operations act crack. Hatched a few in the past, but aren ’ t know how it goes did... Have problems and just started a very similar setup, breeding some lovely Cornish. Night and collect any eggs i find that these changes will produce a ton of.... My purchase other kind of pathetic and funny at the age of 6.... Are on my way to check it out in or around 1820 in England by Sir!
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