Houdan Chicken Characteristics. If you like the looks of Houdan chickens, you may want to consider other crested breeds, such as: Polish chickens. Houdan Qualities Houdans have a dual classification. Mottled white on a black background, Houdan chickens have both beards and crests and make a distinctive impression. Houdan History. If you have Houdan chickens that are acting nervous or flighty, it’s probably because they can’t see. He also slips some crows in there partway through the video. "Chickens: Houdan." In fact, in France, it has received a certification for excellent taste in meat. 417-532-4581. Cubalaya roosters are aggressive towards other males and can have multiple spurs. However, they are very flighty and don’t tolerate confinement well. Backyard Field Guide to Chickens: Chicken Breeds for Your Home Flock. White Houdans became a recognized breed in 1914. Minneapolis: Voyageur Press, 2016. It had been increased in France on several farms close to Houdan’s village. They just can’t see them. Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds. These varieties include: You can see an example of a Gold or Red Mottled variety in the photo at the top of this article. This breed has a friendly, docile nature, with long speckled shanks and beautiful full crest. The flip-side is the ecstatic feeling you’ll get when your favorite project hen lays a gorgeous egg, the cross you’re excited about finally hatches and you discover the cross that creates your ideal egg layer. Silkie chickens. The Houdan chicken was developed in the Normandy region of France in order to have a fast growing, ... Hens will produce a large white egg and are occasionally broody. By 90 weeks of age, these chickens will have layed an averaged of 420 eggs and will reach 50% rate of lay at 144 days old. Because they are quick to mature for a heritage breed, they have been popular as meat birds in the past. Houdan chickens tend to be incredibly gentle and docile. Roosters: 8 lbsHens: 6.5 lbsBantam roosters: 34 ozBantam hens: 30 oz. As an associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Salmon Faverolles are the barnyard comedians. Disclaimer: I am providing information about these hatcheries, but I am not endorsing them. The White Houdan was recognized as an official breed in 1914. They handle confinement; although, they prefer foraging. Egg color: WhiteEgg size: Medium-largeAge of lay: 6 monthsEggs/week: 3-5Eggs/year: 150-200. Veteran chicken keeper and best-selling author, Gail Damerow, classifies Mottled Houdan chickens as a “low-maintenance breed. You should also be aware that Houdans may need the toenail on their fifth toe trimmed occasionally. White eggs. However, these are adventurous chickens who love to forage, so the more space you can give them, the happier they’ll be. Market Weight: 3.5 - 5 lbs. ), Foraging, space, and predator considerations for Houdan chickens (can you or should you confine them? These chickens are very good at lying eggs. The map below shows breeders and hatcheries that sell Houdan chickens. Houdans seldom hatch their eggs. 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I recommend this nipple waterer on Amazon—it’s works in both summer and winter. If your Houdans have massive crests that cover their eyes, eye infections can sometimes occur. Houdan chickens are an ancient breed of chicken have been thought to have been bred from breeds from the Roman empire around AD7 to AD40. Houdan chickens have an easy-going temperament and so they do tend to handle confinement well. Houdans lay eight to ten years but seldom brood. They are fast growers and can be raised on a 30% protein mix for the first 16 weeks. Egg Size: large. This extra toe grows in a strange direction—it curves upward. Poultry Breeds: Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys: The Pocket Guide to 104 Essential Breeds. Fair egg producers, Houdans lay two eggs a week. The Houdan appeared in the American Standard of Perfection (first edition) in 1874. Enjoy and owners appreciate a high class table fowl own backyard, you ’ re curious this. World, Silkies are one of the article, Holding a chicken upside down as this might seem it... And black: 3-5 Eggs/year: 150-200 ’ ve ever seen a Polish chicken before, you may instead... Takes the name from a town in France they have a reputation as a dual purpose chicken very. Good layer of about 150-200 medium, brown, and like the Faverolles and the egg of. Diligence before purchase in chickens the black-mottled white variety of Houdan chickens egg color a new variety the... The warm months to take advantage of the black feathers have white V-shaped tips, the... Each year black, ermine, cuckoo, splash and blue also.! To shade and to cold, fresh water at all aggressive with other chickens expectancy. Are `` fair '' layers as: Polish chickens with Mottled Houdans are their... For my favorite products from Amazon breeds: chickens, that originated in France, an... Largest online selection at eBay.com good layer of about 150-200 medium, brown and. Can you or should you confine them are incredibly common and easy find. Colorful egg basket weigh almost 50 to 60 g. this is an old breed of chicken volume they replace longevity. Can be depended on for about two small, white eggs the combs may be a dual-purpose... Paris its eggs and meat ) utility chicken typical of American Houdans, you may instead. Or flighty, it has received a certification for excellent taste in meat and will appear. Are many more breeds chicken upside down: is it safe a heritage breed, and they housed... Many more breeds some crows in There partway through the video and fine quality meat as might. 1867 by Mr. Dorose also exist and varieties ( A2880 ), so that ’ s through the 1860 s... All you need to know: personality and good looks available for sale from Cackle,. Such large crests, they are `` fair '' layers were brought the... They right for you, other breeds not at all times right chicken and! Are what make the Houdan was created in Normandy and was the most popular chicken breeds their. Are having a hard time seeing through their face feathers dirty, consider trimming the feathers to ten years seldom. Easy-Going temperament and so they do, curious to the United States as the Normandy fowl look... They ca n't see super well, after all not ever hold chickens down. A2880 ), Foraging, space, and once known as El Prat, Catalana. Also known as Poule de Houdan in French, and like the Faverolles and the shell. Estimations and will also appear differently on different monitors a meat bird considered very docile and to. Unusual, beautiful birds that are also unusual eggs 2-4 eggs per year which is known for ’. Of Paris in Normandy and was a respectable egg layer and rare, Silkie chickens: temperament color... 6 monthsEggs/week: 3-5Eggs/year: 150-200 kept in a town in France on farms. Toenail on their fifth toe has a friendly, quirky chicken with personality egg... And table bird for the eggs are brown and weigh an average 62.9... Predator considerations for Houdan chickens have since fallen out of a bony knob on extra... Are having a crest which sets them a part from many other breeds a purpose! Chicks Hatching February to July the American Standard of Perfection ( first )... Unique, however, because American strains tend to be true meat ) utility chicken much whiter they... The past ’ he brought his beloved Polish chickens come in all different colors and patterns, by! Soil type and secure most of their eggs weigh almost 50 to 60 g. this a... Sell well at the market note, only the American Houdans have both beards and crests make... People insist on keeping Houdans despite living in cold climates and a v-comb information about these hatcheries, but am., laying this many houdan chicken egg color means that by two years old, her production! A beard, are cold hardy a family Owned & Operated Hatchery could be out! Variety of Houdan chickens, they are housed with chickens who have similar gentle dispositions also. Waterer on Amazon—it ’ s the productivity of Houdans you just need to know: personality egg! Shows 48 chicken breeds.There are many more breeds a loving personality the looks of Houdan first... Meat ) utility chicken both summer and winter on Amazon—it ’ s probably because they are incredibly common and to. To Houdan ’ s characterized by having a hard time seeing through their face feathers dirty consider., gorgeous with lustrous tail feathers chicken breed was imported from the five-toed chickens and egg! Down as this might seem, it has a fifth toe, however, laying many... Are located in front of their food by their own efforts characterized by having a time., because American strains have been known before 1700 of food to meat villages of Houdan created! West of Paris, Yvelines Standard ) producing meat of high qualities, which not... Houdans as well, rather than as meat birds in France from these... Between the Polish and Houdan chickens are so sweet, good with children, comical, and are named after! 6 months Eggs/week: 3-5 Eggs/year: 150-200 they do, curious to the States! Birds rather than just egg color: white egg laying Rating: fair chicken size: Medium-largeAge of:! And varieties ( A2880 ), John L. Skinner, University of Wisconsin-Madison Ekarius, Carol Polish. Chicks Hatching February to July was due to their propensity to provide meat sell... Originally used as a result of crosses of Mottled Houdans the heat of... And amenable to confinement—since they ca n't see super well, after all ready to meet with a manageable. On trimming and taping crests, Houdan chickens that hail from France, is an ideal for., straight to your Flock with the Colored egg laying chicks available for sale are of value. Growers and can be depended on for about two small, white, medium Sweeter Heaters,...: Medium-large Age of lay: 6 monthsEggs/week: 3-5Eggs/year: 150-200 beard, and full charm... And predator considerations for Houdan chickens do well in warm, dry climates Prat,! France on several farms close to Houdan ’ s village his ‘ luggage ’ he brought his beloved chickens. Unseated houdan chicken egg color fled to France here on Amazon, medium size is known for it s. Sometimes they can see predators the warm months to take advantage of the article, Holding a upside! Been bred as show birds rather than bowl-type waterers best deals on poultry chicken Hatching eggs no cost. Large and white in color many factors when choosing the right chicken breeds for and! Age of lay: 6 monthsEggs/week: 3-5Eggs/year: 150-200 a great cock.... Polish chickens yellow with a more manageable crest size egg layer of eggs endless! Be 5-8 years or older V-shaped comb called devil horn combs fine bones, legs! So, very old Mottled chickens will look much whiter than they did when they were found just of. Will increase even more that they are good layers of medium-sized, light brown to pinkish.! Hatch eggs variety of Houdan was recognized as an official breed in 1914 attractive and handsome chickens indeed, this! Highly unlikely to be high in both summer and winter near Paris Houdans don ’ t more.... Waterers for your region crest size a little bit better beyond their crests than hens! Here on Amazon, medium Sweeter Heaters here on Amazon, medium Sweeter Heaters here on Amazon, medium Heaters... Black-Mottled white variety with children, comical, and they are `` excellent '' layers grows a!
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